Tuesday, October 26, 2010

This months GTG at Helens

We had a nice GT at Helen's in Dapto on Sunday.
Lucy, Jan, Jana, Robyn and Helen were all busily working on the luggage tags when I arrived late. I felt a bit useful by bring a glue stick!
This is the photo we took for the Retreat blog - do you like our hair/ear adornments?
Check out some (I say some!)of Helen's Australian pottery collection in the background. I thought I had lots of 'bits'!

We at last got around to exchanging our blue and orange bulls eyes - this was due in July - well thats just 3 months late.

We could have waited for your return Robyn B! We have both done extra's so I might do an extra exchnge with just ours eh? Now where did I put them - that's a worry.
Now we have another UFO .... Jana has a plan for hers.