Sunday, March 30, 2014

Number Two - the Lodges

This is the car park at the rear of the three lodges.
The view from the car park - noice
If you pull up the map you'll get an idea of the layout.
                                                         The lodges from the road....
From the lodges - see that white railing down there?
You walk down there and up past the tennis court and along by the
old buildings to the restaurant.
First lodge (36) I think.
                         If you pull up the image you'll see the yellow building in the distance.


Reccie to Coolangatta today.

 This is the turn in from the main road .
 The road round to reception from the main car park
Reception is to the right around this wall and the door with the sign is the restaurant
Here's the map. 
As you can see the lodges we are in are a bit of a hike down the road.