Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Easter Meeting at OFBC

 Rhonda has almost finished her quilt - yahoo well done
 Robyn is knitting a cap / scarf ... looks good - bit like Peter rabbit?
 Helen finished the binding on her 'vintage' fabric floor quilt
 Steph continues with her 55 shells
You may ask what Cinzia is doing with the can of pineapple???
Well they did in the kitchen too.
You might just be able to see some poor tiny squashed hexies poking out 
from underneath the edge of the can.
I think they are 1/4" ????
 Rhonda doing some larger hexies - Cinzia grabbed the scraps!
 Everyone busy - not sure what Lorraine was stitching.
Great she was well enough to come along and stitch with us.
Sorry you're 'out of focus'
Margaret wasn't well and RAB was baby sitting.....
Others were busy elsewhere - we missed you.
Our challenge for next month .... an ORT Bag!
Lets see how many variations we get.

Sunday, April 6, 2014

Our a retreat at Coolangatta Estate April 2014 ....

It began at Sew and Tell at Berry followed by lunch at the Berry Pub with Curried sausages and Mash and an Alpaca Burger - yummo.
Then we headed en convoy out to Coolangatta to begin our adventure what a pretty spot.
This is the view from our 'work room' and my bedroom Lodge 34 on Saturday morning.
We rearranged the furniture and started sewing ... These are the hand sewers.
Yummo brekkie ...... Kept us satisfied until lunchtime.
This was my lunch - spicey Tomato Soup with an 'Easter Bunny' sourdough loaf.
The machine sewing area.
Robyn, Steph and Helen brought their machines and had a pretty productive weekend. 
While Cinzia joined us for the afternoon and cut 400 hexagons for the project she is working on at the moment.
Here are the sewers again .....
And One of Robyn's quilt tops completed ..... noice!
As you can see it was a very companionable interactive sharing time together!
Especially when we discovered the password for the Coolangatta Wi Fi network.
And we had just a few knibblies!
We woke to a beautiful rainbow after an extra hour in bed on Sunday morning...
The panoramic version ....
Another of Robyn's quilts made from a bright layer cake - noice again!
She actually found time to sew around watching the Rabbitos thrashing the Dragons on Saturday night!
Fun photo ....
Lee McCarron who called in after a visit to Berry markets came in handy as resident photographer after breakfast on Sunday. 
Thanks Leelee.
Here we are being sensible.
Note Rhondas lovely quilt in the background. 
She made great use of her enforced inactivity when she was recovering from her ankle surgery.
A great weekend was had by all - it went so quickly.
Now we are planning for our 2015 retreat at Billow View in Gerringong.