Thursday, December 2, 2010

Christmas at Robyn's ....

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We had our Christmas GTG at Robyn's 'on the hill' last Saturday before the rain!
It wasn't a clear day but very pleasant and warm enough to decide to stay inside.
Robyn had decorated beautifully and we had a lovely time chatting around the dining table and sharing a meal. Daughter Catherine excelled herself with creating some lovely salads and sweets that Robyn shared with us - thank you Catherine!
It was nice to meet Trish Copeland who brought along some nice wild hibiscus flowers which we added to our champers - yummo. I remembered that there was someone on the retreat list who was allergic to strawberries - guess who that was? yes it was Trish.
Check out our cute coffee 'cosies' - four of us made them, they were all different and everyone was happy with their mystery swap. Mine, thank you Trish is sitting on a Maccas cup on my bookcase - can't wait to really use it!
Doris has been bust with her embroidery machine - well done Doris, great bag and Christmas wall hanging.
I hope everyone has a lovely Christmas and that we can all get together with enthusiasm in 2011 as we approach the Kiama Retreat.

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

This months GTG at Helens

We had a nice GT at Helen's in Dapto on Sunday.
Lucy, Jan, Jana, Robyn and Helen were all busily working on the luggage tags when I arrived late. I felt a bit useful by bring a glue stick!
This is the photo we took for the Retreat blog - do you like our hair/ear adornments?
Check out some (I say some!)of Helen's Australian pottery collection in the background. I thought I had lots of 'bits'!

We at last got around to exchanging our blue and orange bulls eyes - this was due in July - well thats just 3 months late.

We could have waited for your return Robyn B! We have both done extra's so I might do an extra exchnge with just ours eh? Now where did I put them - that's a worry.
Now we have another UFO .... Jana has a plan for hers.

Friday, April 30, 2010

APRIL and another sew-in.....


Here's everyone hard at work - well done girls!
That Doris, she sure can iron ... maybe she should come and do mine?
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Here are all the happy campers displaying the fruits of their labour. Next for the finished quilt - I want some tickets please.
Thanks to Robyn B for the photo's.

Saturday, March 27, 2010

GTG with a purpose ....

A goodly number of us had a nice productive time at Cheryl's shop today sewing a raffle quilt. It was a pleasure to welcome three visitors. Helen from Dapto, Judy a friend of Lorraine's who lives at Oak Flats and Narelle who works at the shop.
It was good to have our Sydney friends too - Lorraine, Lillian and Theresa.

Here we are all at work on our Dresden plates.
Note what a great ironer Doris is!
She ironed ALL day.
Judy was a great 'turner' as was Helen - we introduced them to the group and put them to work straight away. Jana came by for a while to assist and gave us some expert advice - it was nice to catch up with her too.

Here is the end product so far. We managed 20 'plates' today and have not made a decision yet on the size of the finished quilt. We decided on a lemon fabric for the background and we think it will be sashed with scrappy 2" strips in a collection of the fabrics used in the plates. Good on Lorraine who took home fabrics to do the sashes (I think).
Next month we will continue the project and hopefully get it finished.
It was decided that, as the fourth Sunday next month is Anzac Day, that we would meet on the Saturday.
It will be another sewing day at the shop starting at 11am.
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Sunday, February 28, 2010

February GTG at Lorraines


Here's what everyone was doing.....
Firstly Robyn B's purple abdomen is a fitting background to her curly bookworm bookmarks - she plied her crochet hook all afternoon.
Rhonda was working on the centre block - for her Dresden Plate quilt and Lillian knitting rainbow stripey sox.
Doris finished a star block, Lorraine was sewing blocks and Cheryl was actually unsewing in this shot!
Where is Margaret she has disappeared from the collage?

Here she is - little devil - doing her embroidery

Janine - was in her counting house, counting all the money .... and then her show and tell - some lovely felted flowers, bangles and a ring.
The quit top that I am showing, I bought at the Salvation Army store in Nowra last week for $2! I promise to finish it one day and give it a good home.

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Saturday, January 23, 2010

And the stars of the day .....


Here they are - Wally and Mac.
It was a bit hot to be nursed today and by the end of the GTG they had migrated to the cool of the floor tiles.

We had a nice GTG and welcomed three newbies, Robyn, Sue and Judy.
Our next GTG on 28th Feb will be at Lorraines in Waterfall - it will be a Sit'n'Sew starting around 10 and finishing around whenever ...
Bring your swimmers for a dip in between projects especially if it is like it was today.
Lovely southerly blowing now - phew.
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Show and tell ....


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Todays GTG ...

Computer lesson today .....

This is how you access the SCQIllawarras page on Yahoo Groups and how you add an event to the calendar. All intent ....
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