Thursday, December 2, 2010

Christmas at Robyn's ....

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We had our Christmas GTG at Robyn's 'on the hill' last Saturday before the rain!
It wasn't a clear day but very pleasant and warm enough to decide to stay inside.
Robyn had decorated beautifully and we had a lovely time chatting around the dining table and sharing a meal. Daughter Catherine excelled herself with creating some lovely salads and sweets that Robyn shared with us - thank you Catherine!
It was nice to meet Trish Copeland who brought along some nice wild hibiscus flowers which we added to our champers - yummo. I remembered that there was someone on the retreat list who was allergic to strawberries - guess who that was? yes it was Trish.
Check out our cute coffee 'cosies' - four of us made them, they were all different and everyone was happy with their mystery swap. Mine, thank you Trish is sitting on a Maccas cup on my bookcase - can't wait to really use it!
Doris has been bust with her embroidery machine - well done Doris, great bag and Christmas wall hanging.
I hope everyone has a lovely Christmas and that we can all get together with enthusiasm in 2011 as we approach the Kiama Retreat.

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