Monday, January 23, 2012

Christmas 2011 (in January 2012)

Can you believe I haven't posted since last Christmas?
Doesn't time fly?
I promise to be better this year and we'll keep a record of our GTG's at OFBC!
Robyn W gave us a challenge for our Christmas GTG of making or bringing a useful article that was recycled.
Here they are.

Helen is accosting Maureen with her recycled 'Mission brown' curtain rod which she is sure would make a good quilt hanger!
On the left, we have Trish's button broach ( surprise it's black and red!)
Lucy's folded Christmas tree which she completed on the day.
Steph's wreath created from recycled CANTEEN bandanas on a wire coathanger and Vixen and Prancer made from Coke cans and champagne corks - definitely recycled.
Now I think the scoop was Margaret's but I can't remember the story of the 'bust' :-)

Next we have Robyn W's detergent dispenser - very useful by the sink!
And Cinzia was recycling yarn from an old jumper for this knitted creation.
Robyn B's crochet hat from recycled shopping bags only made it to 'coaster' size - but the it could be classed as a UFO while the tinselled creation beside it was Maureen's handpainted and punched peach tin tealight holder.
I think the Christmas bag which held a Secret Santa gift was also many times recycled.
Have I forgotten anyone?

Here are some of Robyn's Santa collections.
The table looked so festive - once again Robyn invited us along to her lovely home which was dressed up so beautifully for Christmas. It was a nice surprise to see along Janine too - she is still preparing for her move to the 'West'.

Doesn't that fruit look scrummy?
And here we are suveying the table prior to eating - it was a lovely feast and Christmas get together as well.
Thank you Robyn. Merry Christmas 2012.
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