Monday, January 23, 2012

Our first GTG for 2012 at OFBC

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It's our first meeting of 2012 and we are in a new venue.
We are now meeting at Oak Flats Bowling Club so all Scquilters are invited to attend if you are down our way on the third Saturday of the month.
Here we are all set up and 'working' in the coffee lounge at the Club.

Trish is working on her 'Moon' quilt.

Margaret our handsewing guru is cross stitching a block for a quilt her latest granddaughter Lily.

And Helen is making heaps of 'diamond stars'.......

Robyn is making 'clamshells' don't they look pretty?

And Stephanie was pretending to sew these together - I did get four done!

Then it was lunchtime!
I won't tell you about the 'fight' over the last Vanilla Slice - it did end amicably with it being shared!

Stephanie had to start on the cheesecake before her 'main' arrived.
Now - do you see the red Boomerang 'vibrator'?(the mind boggles!)
It tells you when your meal is ready.
Following in the tradition of the Sydneysiders at the 'Bluegum', our challenge for next month's meeting is to make a quilt to go under it to stop it 'dancing' all over the table. It's dimensions are 2 1/2x 5 1/2 inches.
Watch this space next month to see which one gets the Viewers Choice and wins the prize!

Show and Tell

Margaret has over achieved again - check out the embroidered border!
It looks very cute.

Robyn B is making a crochet blanket for a grandson - has trebled the 'backing' and is now doing long rows of chains to weave in and out the trebles. Very warm and prized for camping I'm told.

Stephanie has made a bright baby ring cushion for a member of her chorus who has just had a babe. She hopes he will enjoy the music fabric as he sits and listens to his mother practicing her songs!
We hope to see some new faces as we meet each month at the club.
We start around 10am and finish around 3pm - we just have to remember to order lunches before the bingo people!
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  1. Wonderful stuff Steph, I will be down one of these days :-)

  2. Looks like a lot of a Vanilla Slice Specialist I need to know if the pastry can be cut with the fork without the custard squishing out all over the is how I grade my Vanilla Slices and need to know!!!LOL