Saturday, February 18, 2012

It's February .....

Today was our February GTG at OFBC.
There were eight of us there and we managed to make an impact on the number of vanilla slices in the coffee shop!

Here is our visitor and hopefully new member Kerrie Metcalfe.
Kerrie came along today to check us out - she is an embroiderer and quilter from Albion Park. Here is 'Kerries Quilt' which she put together over the last holidays. It was made from a jelly roll that she picked up for half price and the wadding was joined with iron on tape - my kind of quilt!

Margaret showed us the progress she is making with her Sue Daley quilt. She has to make 879 clamshells and 224 -1 1/2"squares to complete the quilt which will be then be appliqued onto a backing.

It's done in Aunt Grace fabrics and will resemble a Double Wedding Ring.

Behind this little 'Taggy' quilt is Helen - it's lined with a suedy fleece - really cuddly and the ribbons are all very tactile too - her little grandaughter loves it!

Magaret has finished the top of Lilly's quilt. Neat eh? it's so soft and pretty.

Who likes techno toys?
Check out Robyn's latest - a telephoto lens for her Iphone!

I WANT one ......

Helen was working on a UFO - from One of Nic Bridges' classes - "Four Seasons".

Our Challenge this month was to create a 'Vibrator' quilt to go under our lunch buzzers. Here they are .... which one will be judged the WINNER?
The answer is coming soon ....
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