Saturday, November 28, 2009

and the winner is................

this morning we drew the raffle for our lovely queen size purple and green quilt at The Quilters Garden, Albion Park.
There was Margaret McCaughey, Doris Moran and (me) Janine Matthews present, we enjoyed a cuppa and chocolate cake while folding the tickets ready for drawing

First we shook up all the tickets in the bag

then Doris drew the winning ticket out, and.........

the winner is Veronica McGechen

we rang Veronica up as she didn't live to far away and here she is in front of the fabulous quilt


  1. Lucky Veronica! Humph - I still reckon I should have won it tho'

  2. AND - well done to Janeen for POSTING to the blog. We can all see what happened on the day! Doris is such a competent drawer outer!