Wednesday, February 20, 2013

February GTG at OFBC

This month we missed Helen who was of to Sydney
 buying a 'Mother of the Groom' outfit
- hope she found something nice.
Rhonda was busy busy doing family stuff.
Cinzia was 'attached' to a certain room at her place and Robyn B decided not share her sore throat with us.
Hope you are both feeling better now!

Margaret gives us a demo ....
A few of us went home with different coloured / textured yarn scarf / necklaces.
Thanks Marg!

Our challenge this month was to finish a UFO of 1/2 square triangles.
Robyn did! Her's is a doll quilt for Mahalia (sp)
Lucy has quilted her bright quilt - not sure of its name.
Chris finished her zebra pillow
Stephanie brought along a UFO - a Judy Hopkins mystery quilt we
did ages ago - Happy Trails to You, alas still a UFO!
And Trish bought some photo's of some of hers!

Everyone was busily working on something.

Here are Lucy's Ikea fruit!
A lovely knitted outfit that Joan has done for Rhonda's latest grandchild.
And Steph models one of her yarn creations - looks good on the black!
Our challenge for next month - finish SOMETHING and bring it along for S&T
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  1. love that challenge... and I even think I can manage to finish a number of things... a fruit slice...packet of tim tams... box of liquorice all sorts... the list goes on...count me in on this one