Saturday, September 15, 2012

Meet Poppie

This is Poppie.
She has found us at OF Bowling Club as we sit and sew and this month she brought along some of her handwork to show us.

Poppie told us about how she learnt to sew and do cross stitch as a girl in Greece.
This little sampler she made when she was 10.
She said her mother was very strict and always checked the back of the work and made her unpick any stitches that weren't perfect.

These runners were just exquisite, some with metallic threads and the crotchering on the edges was done by her mother.
They were made for her Glory Box.
I found it difficult to tell the front from the back!

She also described to us the 'special' biscuits she makes and their aphrodisiac powers!
She says she will make some for us next month but wants to know the outcome of us eating them!
I wonder what she grows in with the tomatoes?
It's a worry.
What a lovely lady with many tales to tell.
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