Friday, October 26, 2012

October GTG

This month seven of us met at OFBC while others from our group were gallivanting around Europe. No food photos as I was late (surprise), so missed morning tea and lunches were mainly salads.
Apologies for the poor quality photos - must remember to check camera settings BEFORE taking photos.

                                   Chris, Cinzia, Trish, Denise, Joan and Margaret.

                                         Chris knitting in anticipation of one day
                                                    becoming a Grandmother.

                                                      Cinzia cutting scraps.

                   Trish's Sashiko style dish cloth - gift from a Japanese penfriend.

                                       Joan's beautiful country style embroidery.

                                              Cinzia with her scrappy hexagon.

                       Margaret intently working on some embroidery for Chris.

It was a quiet month as far as show and tell (none to speak of), monthly challenge (there was none) and work being done. We did however solve many if not all, of the worlds problems.

November's challenge is to make an item for Mums Like Me Memory Boxes.

Apologies for the wonky text under the pictures, it appears correct when composing but goes haywire on publishing.

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